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Watch for updates...

While we try to stay current updating our website and sales pages... We seldom ever are!! Please feel free to contact directly for current information about animals available for sale. If we don't have the animal to fit your needs we would be more than happy to point you in the right direction and connect you to an animal or reputable breeder that will.

Contact us about animals available for sale.    

Skye High Auchlevin

Skye High Wayward Son X Yarnelle Farms Miss Heather

Born February 8th, 2012

(pictured at 8 mo.)

Traded! for Bestona of Five Star Farm


Five Star Farm

Micheal and Lisa Fantom, Trout Lake WA

Lila of Solstad Farm


Congratulations to Max and Karen Raymond, Hickory Corners MI on your purchase of Lila!

A.C.H.A. Reg # 46694- Another great young cow Lila is beautiful example of classical highland character. Broad, and well muscled with a tremendous volume she will not only add eye appealing aesthetics, and performance to your herd but also a complete regional out-cross to Midwest genetics being bred by the Larson family of Five Star Farm, Trout Lake, W.A. Follow the link above and check out their website.


 Congratulations Ross Murry, Green Hill Highlands, Anneville KY on you purchase of:

Skye High Yeoman Guard (E.T.)

West Wind's Gwendolyn X Thorbardin"s Gandolf


Skye High Yachtsman (E.T.)

The one and only full sib to Skye High Wayward Son

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