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Skye High Cornerstone

Check out the Semen Available page for more Cornerstone details.

MAHA 2015 Grand Champion Bull

NWSS 2016 Res. Champion Jr. Yearling Bull 

March 2016 (2 years old) 

Above Photos from NWSS Denver 2016- age 22 months

(Above Cornerstone pictured at 18 months and after a summer of breeding cows as a yearling!) 

Skye High Cornerstone


D.O.B. 03/15/2014

LEA Haaken

Skye High Vermillion

LEA Forbes

LEA Valkyrie

CH Aloysius

Gilchrist's Angela

 Skye High Wayward Son  

(pictured @ 5 years)

 (Pictured 18 months)

 (Pictured 20 months)

2011 Nat'l Grand Champion Bull. Used live cover 2010.

Wayward's 2011 calf crop has been among the very best set of calves we have ever had. So far we can tell you he is stamping a perfectly set, bullet hind leg into his progeny. Along with loads of volume, dimension and breed character to spare! All calves to date have been born small to moderate in size(54-65 lbs.) and lively with vigorous gains. We were further impressed upon halter "breaking" his first group of heifer calves as they were by far the most well behaved weanlings we have had the pleasure of working with. Talk about a cherry on top!!

~Limited quantities of semen available~ Check our Sales page for details.

Skye High Wayward Son


D.O.B. 05/02/2009

Ben Englair of Scone Palace

GOF Claudette 9C

Gille Ruadh of Glenforsa

Ella Ruadh the 6th of Scone Palace

GOF Yogi Bear

GOF Ultra

RTH Van Norman 

Semen Available

Used Live cover 2014-2015 breeding seasons

N.W.S.S. Denver Reserve Grand Champion Bull 2011

Click here to view Norman progeny

 Congratulations to the Glen Trush family, Woodwatch Farm, Georgetown NY on the purchase of this fine proven herdsire!

RTH VanNorman


D.O.B. 12/31/2008

Starshire's Nigel

RTH Smokin Lilly Bell

Starshire's Ebenezer

Starshire's Forever Amber*

Highland Spice Cinnamon Toddy

HHR Smokey

LEA Haaken

(pictured @ 2 yrs.)

LEA Haaken


D.O.B. 4/10/2011

LEA Forbes

LEA Valkyrie

LEA Denovan Adam

LEA Ciara

LEA Raleigh

LEA Oberlin

Skye High X-Axis

(pictured @ 3 yrs.)

Congratulations to LEA White Farms on their purchase of Axis!

Skye High X-Axis


D.O.B. 4/09/2010

SPH Uberdude

SPH Ursala

Black Watch Emo

SPH Sassy

Black Watch Emo

SPH Sarah

SPH Uberdude

Used live cover 2009

SPH Uberdude


D.O.B. 07/05/2007

Black Watch Emo

SPH Sassy

DH Excel

Four's Emma

SPH Lucas

JAC Grizzly Creek Morag

CH Aloysius

Used live cover 2007-2008

CH Aloysius

Reg# 39178

D.O.B. 02/25/2003

DH Churchill

Klair of Five star Farm

Zues of Swains

Orflaith the 2nd of Dirtane

Reno of Fire Trail Farm

Valhalla's Randi

Knight of Five Star Farm

2002 Nat'l Reserve Grand Champion Bull. Sire of multiple champions including both the 2005 Nat'l Grand and Reserve Grand Champion Bulls. Used live cover 2005-2006 ~semen available~ Check our Sales page for details.

Knight Of five Star Farm

Reg.# 35992

D.O.B. 11/06/2000

Homeboy of Five Star Farm

Valhalla's Margot

Reno Of Fire Trail Farm

Valhalla's Randi

Garnet of High-Arrow

Valhalla's Frey

Cedrus of Swains

Off to a great start! Skye High's first herd sire Cedrus of Swains. Used live cover 2002 -2004. ~Limited quantity of semen available~ Check our Sales page for details.

Cedrus of Swains

Reg.# 28240

D.O.B. 03/29/1993

Gillie Buidhe of Benmore

Swains Penny Cress 1P

Donald Ruadh of Glenogle

Sued Buidhe 2nd of Benmore

Munisunk Patrick

GOF Luckie 13L

Scott of Craycombe

Jock of Glengorm

Thorbardins Gandolf

Gusgurlach of Windrush

Reference Animals

DH Churchill

Sunset James

EZ Acres Kyle

Gille Buidhe of Bennmore

Orflaith the 2nd of Dirtane

Hannegan Joe

Basswood of Swains

Andana's Bobbie

Contact Us for more details on Highland Sires and Reference Animals.

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