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Skye High Cornerstone

Birth Weight: 71 lbs. Weaning Weight: 536 lbs. (weaned on milk and pasture alone)

 Skye High Farms is proud to introduce Skye High Cornerstone

"Not just another black bull"

Out of what is likely our very best cow and an excellent young sire Cornerstone has been a bull that has never ceased to amaze us from the very start. A true bulls' bull with an undeniable, all his own style doesn't just stop at his striking indescribable color, character, masculinity or physical soundness. Take a closer look and a quick talk around back and you'll quickly see what separates him from the rest. As wide based as we have seen a Highland bull Cornerstone gives new meaning to the phase "like a brick shit house!" Wide set, stout made legs comfortably support his swollen muscular hindquarters with a substance that flows over to his hip and top in equal measure. The easy fleshing kind to a "T" Cornerstone's depthy, boldly sprung rib blends with a strong masculine beauty into his powerfully muscular shoulder, forelegs, and bull to the bone crest and head. Shape, dimension and expression are the descriptors for this one; big round and full all over. Like his sire and dam Cornerstone has perfectly formed feet which like every bull we've ever run at here at Skye High Farms have never been trimmed. We are also particularly proud of his show success in Denver being one (if not the only) one of the bulls at the show that had been actively breeding and running with cows and as just a yearling in the prior breeding season; breeding the majority of our herd with calves hitting the ground in January 2016 as again just a yearling and going on to show well and garnering more esteem among fellow breeders than any bull we've brought out previously really sits well as a feather in the cap proving again that the cattle we breed here are truly capable of doing it all and are not just one trick, over fed, live in a show barn, pampered ponies but rather animals that preform well in the field, in the ring, and for people and farms in real life circumstances and environments like yours who expect results from a breeding program and to get what they pay for.

The numbers are in!

Numbers don't lie! Check out Cornerstone's Denver 2016 stats. to see for yourself what further sets Cornerstone in a league of his own.

Click here to review and compare the entirety of the Denver 2016 stats 

Denver Stats 2016

Weight: 1348

REA: 17.92 (Ribeye area)

IMF: 4.03 (Intramuscular fat/ Marbling)

BF: 0.21 (Back fat)

SC: 45 cm (Scrotal Circumference)

*Largest SC of any bull (even bulls up to 1 year older!) at the entire NWSS 2016 show!!

See the Sires or Cornerstone gallery for photos, pedigree and progeny or contact us to order your chip off the ole the Stone semen today

Proof is in the pudding! Unspoiled and rasied in a practical manner Cornerstone progeny are hitting the sweet spot described by Judy Ligo of Literra, PA as "The gentlest calves we've ever rasied" and by the Johnson family of Climping Stump Farm, WI as "The most consistently quality calves we've ever had"

Skye High Cornerstone


D.O.B. 03/10/2014

LEA Haaken

Skye High Vermillion

LEA Forbes

LEA Valkyrie

CH Aloysius

Gilchrist's Angela

RTH Van Norman

N.W.S.S. Reserve Grand Champion Bull 2011

Semen Available

click here to view Van Norman's 2015 progeny

Offering up a fresh set of genetics being a complete out-cross to most North American bloodlines RTH Van Norman's smooth, sleek sided ultra correct style and fancy extended front end has to date been responsible for one of the finest heifer calf crops we have ever had. We will be retaining several of his 2015 born females. Like his temperament Norman's athleticism in the field could not be beat in. Not the lazy under the shade tree type here- a walk like a cat real go-gitter.

RTH VanNorman


D.O.B. 12/31/2008

Starshire's Nigel

RTH Smokin Lilly Bell

Starshire's Ebenezer

Starshire's Forever Amber*

Highland Spice Cinnamon Toddy

HHR Smokey

Skye High Wayward Son

Sold out!

Wayward Son Progeny dominates 2013 Nation Western Stock Show!

See our News page for photos and details.

Click here to view more info about Skye High Wayward Son including a detailed description of the bull as well as more photos, and his impressive Denver stats. As seen in The Bagpipe spring 2011 

As just a baby we new Wayward Son was that special treasure of calf a breeder envisions when combining exciting genetics such as these. Built extremely sound and powerful with as much base width as we have seen in a Highland bull. With a long level hip structure, a deep well sprung rib blended effortlessly into a strong smooth shoulder sitting a top a perfect set of feet and legs with plenty of bone, capacity and character to spare Wayward Son's rugged good looks were enough to get us excited about him, but it wasn't until we really examined the details and progeny of the animal that we really began to realize the true value Wayward Son possessed. Before being sold privately to long time Highland breeders Keith and Sherry Bakeman of Laughing Sun Ranch, Dadeville MO where he currently resides, Wayward Son as a young yearling bull was siring his first calf crop at Skye High only to, continue on five months after a hard working yearling summer to be awarded Nat'l Grand Champion Bull honors at Denver CO's prestigious National Western Stock Show in 2011. Like him, his calves to date have been born small (50-65lbs.), vigorous, and exhibit excellent early growth and performance.

Look to Skye High Wayward Son to predictably instill volume, capacity, substance and a notable degree of do-ability to those slightly more two dimensional type highland females. Other traits we have noticed consistently stamped into Wayward Son have been those perfectly angulated hind legs and improved foot structure, desirable calving ease, above average rate of gain, breed character, and perhaps most of all his ability to consistently deliver that extra mark of improvement in overall structural soundness and quality we have witnessed when bred to a wide spectrum of type and quality of females.  

Skye High Wayward Son



D.O.B. 05/02/2009

Ben Englair of Scone Palace

GOF Claudette 9C

Gille Ruadh of Glenforsa

Ella Ruadh the 6th of Scone Palace

GOF Yogi Bear

GOF Ultra

(Pictured at18 months)

@ 18 months

 Skye High Wayward Son @ 24 months

Knight of Five Star Farm

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