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Photo Gallery

NWSS lot #18 Skye High Ego-Trip NWSS lot #18 Skye High Ego-Trip 204714825 204714826 204714827 204714839 204714836 204714829 204714830 This cow now cant be beat in my book! SPH Sassy-She pretty well doesn't miss 204714831 204714833 204714841 204714837 204714840 204714835 Sassy age 12 on the day she calved 2017 204714828 Skye High Diamond Dove Sassy's 2016 daughter sold to John and Judy Ligo of Literra 204714832 Skye High Yellow Bird Another outstanding Sassy offspring. NWSS 2013 Res.Grand Champion Female among her many big wins 204714834