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Photo Gallery

Skye High EZ Lily Belle Skye High EZ Lily Belle Structurally correct and with dimension you can't beat with a stick! 203443389 537 lb. Weaning wt on milk and pasture alone At Skye High Farms we do not creep feed our calves some show cattle types. We believe that it is our responsibility as seed stock producers to make sure our stock is doing just that; actually producing!! We want to see how the cow can raise a calf naturally v.s. how frivolously impractical and expensive concentrates can produce one. Bottom line is we want our animals to work for you. 203443388 203443387 203443386 203443390 And a real sweetheart too boot 203443391 203443397 203443394 203443395 203443396 203443392 203443393 Baby Lil 203443398 Maternal sibling- Skye High Dixie Belle How about that one! Never a hair touched on her one, nor a spec of grain several months prior to this late summer 2016 photo 203443400 Maternal sibling- Skye High Convoy NWSS class and division winner and tied for top selling animal as just a calf in the 2015 National Sale at $5000! 203443401 Dam- Skye High Xylene One of our absolute top producing cows for weaning weights and a quality that simply doesn't miss. 203443402 Sire -Skye High Cornerstone 203443399